Cash Flow Management Consulting

Avoid extended cash shortages, manage your cashflow effectively

Revenue is vanity….margin is sanity….cash is king.

Cash flow management is the process of monitoring, analysing, and adjusting your business’ cash flows.

The most important aspect of cash flow management for small businesses is to avoid extended cash shortages, which is caused by having too large a difference between cash in and cash out. You won’t be able to stay in business if you can’t pay your bills for any extended length of time!

Many small businesses believe that their cash flow problems will disappear if they can just increase their sales. More often than not, sales increases actually also increase cash flow problems!

Small business cash flow is impacted by many other factors:

  • How you manage your customers and suppliers terms.
  • The way you buy from your suppliers.
  • How much stock you carry.
  • How fast your business is growing.
  • The burden of loan or lease repayments.
  • The time of year.
  • The quality of the product or services you provide.
  • The way business decisions are made.