Business Coaching FAQ

How can I be sure you can really help me and my business?

This is a question most small businesses should ask before engaging the help of a small business consultant or small business coach. However, the answer is not so simple. You can’t be sure if a small business consultant or coach really can help you or your small business, even if they offer “guarantees”.

What you should really be asking is “how can I improve my chance of selecting a consultant or coach that really can help me and my business?”.

What if I only want help with one aspect of my business?

The benefits of such a “targeted” approach usually also has the benefit that business owners are able to free up time to focus on the next aspect of their business they want to improve.

How long does a typical program take?

Every small business we deal with is in a different stage of it’s Business Life Cycle; every small business has different needs; every small business has conflicting priorities; every small business has different skill levels amongst it’s employees.